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AirServer is a cross-platform screen mirroring solution that allows you to project from any Apple, Google or Microsoft device to any TV, monitor or projector via Airplay, Google Cast or Miracast.

AirPlay, and Google Cast, and Miracast, oh my!

AirServer not only turns your big screen or projector into a universal screen mirror receiver, you can actually mirror screens from multiple devices. This means that if you ever wanted to do that Star Wars marathon but only have time for one episode (not necessarily the first), you can mirror every episode from different devices onto the same screen simultaneously. It does this over a wireless network by implementing all the major screen mirroring technologies such as AirPlay, Google Cast, and Miracast into one universal receiver.

The above example is probably more illustrative than practical, but there are tons of useful applications for AirServer outside of entertainment.

In Classrooms

As a teacher, you can show content using your portable device to engage your students, while they can mirror their own devices to share their ideas and work with the rest of the class.

In Business Presentations

AirServer also makes your business presentations better. Gone are the days when you needed to be within arm's reach of the keyboard to page through your presentation or use one of those goofy remotes. Instead, use your smartphone to page forward, zoom, adjust the volume or switch between media, which is more user-friendly and looks suaver.

In Gaming

Combine your computer and smartphone into the ultimate gaming console. Simply install AirServer on your computer and beam over your favorite mobile games. Since AirServer supports up to 16 simultaneous device connections, you can turn any game into a new multiplayer experience.

With Qt, Any Device Can Make it to the Big Screen!

Eager to try out AirServer yourself? It's available for Windows, iOS, MacOS, Android, Embedded Linux - it even works nicely with an Xbox, and there are more platforms coming soon!

But how did such a small team manage to deploy their software on so many different platforms, you wonder? With Qt, AirServer's team of four developers could do the job of fourteen! Without Qt, they would have had to code and bugfix for each platform separately. With Qt, all they have to do is maintain one code base. This saved AirServer over 70% development time and cost.

They used Qt Quick to create the GUI and Qt Multimedia for its rich media background elements. APIs from the Qt Network module handle the communications between devices over TCP/IP.

Special mention goes to Qt Quick Layouts, which AirServer used to manage their smart layouting system. It arranges the mirrored screens in a way to make optimal use of the mirroring surface and instantly adapts the alignment of your smart devices. If you would, say, mirror a horizontally aligned desktop together with a vertically aligned smartphone, AirServer displays the two screens side-by-side. If you then tilt your smartphone horizontally, not only will AirServer adopt the alignment, but also move the screens on top of each other to maximize their individual sizes and minimize blank space.

Qt Features Used

Qt Core

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Qt Quick

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Qt Network

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Qt Quick Layouts

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Qt Multimedia

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When we started building AirServer, we built it for each and every platform separately, and we had to do bug fixes for the different platforms separately. Slowly, this was becoming a nightmare. By moving over to Qt we actually saved about 70% of our development resources, so we could focus on one code base instead of having a dedicated team for each and every platform.

Pratik Kumar, CEO & Founder, App Dynamic

App Dynamic develops enhanced device experience software. Our unique AirPlay implementation in AirServer is revolutionizing the use of AirPlay in classrooms, businesses, hotels, home theatre environments and gaming. Our famous titles include AirServer, Remote HD, and Air Media Center, which are being actively used by millions of users worldwide.

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