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Uniquely sized, soundproof and ventilated meeting pods

Framery is the pioneer and the world’s leading manufacturer of soundproof private spaces for solving noise and privacy issues in open offices. Their aim is to create the best place for individual work, or small team meetings, in busy and often noisy offices. 

After years of development, analyzing customer feedback and rigorous trial and error, their sixth generation phone booth (or pod), the Framery O, turned out perfect: a silent place to work with superb acoustics and silent ventilation. Today, Framery O is the world’s best selling pod. Recently, Framery launched the world's first connected soundproof pod, Framery One, and at the same time created a completely new product category for the industry.

Framery needed a technology solution for building the touchscreen UI of the Framery One pod. After considering and reviewing several options they came to a conclusion that Qt's technology was the best fit for their specific use case. 

Their main priority in choosing their solution was to be able to build beautiful embedded user interfaces without needing powerful hardware. Framery needed something that would boost developer productivity since their team is small, and facing tight deadlines and large workloads.

With Qt, the speed of development was never a bottleneck - building new views and functionalities was quick, and they were able to iterate them efficiently with user tests. 

Framery One features a touchscreen UI where the UI is implemented using Qt 5.15.

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Framery – Powered By Qt

Whilst Framery’s pods are small and compact, they offer large benefits for their users. A private, soundproof pod with a comfortable, height-adjustable seat and table make for the perfect space to take a call, focus, or do a hybrid video meeting. The pods also come with lighting and ventilation, which can be adjusted to the user’s preferences. Framery’s pods are the only ones on the market offering services such as an integrated calendar system and usage data insights. 

Watch the above video to learn more about Framery's story and development journey with Qt. 

"By using Qt for the development of our in-pod touchscreens' UI, we were able to develop faster and incorporate more features easily.”

Veikko Lindberg, Software Engineering Director, Framery



Framery is the pioneer and the world’s leading manufacturer of soundproof private spaces for solving noise and privacy issues in open offices. Their products make employees happier and more productive in offices of dozens of the world’s leading companies, including Microsoft, Puma and Tesla. 

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