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Combining Music Technology to Create Inspiring Musical Experiences with Qt

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Enabling Coherent Development

For Imaginando, coherence is important. If two devices have similar processing and graphical capabilities, they should behave in a similar way. Qt let Imaginando reduce their time-to-market and provide the same user experience regardless of the users' platform of choice.

“Qt has powered Imaginando products development since day one by enabling a micro-sized team to develop products that target iOS & Android on both phone and tablets devices. With the new Startup Licensing program, I can now expand my product range and availability at a competitive price. Just perfect!” 

Nuno Santos, CEO, Imaginando

Hearing Is Believing

DRC is a powerful virtual analog polyphonic synthesizer that recreates the characteristic sound of an analog synthesizer. "Hearing is Believing" is Imaginando's motto, and if you hear DRC's rich, warm sound, you'll know why.
Not only that, its UI is clean, intuitive, with minimal design elements, so you concentrate on being creative and focus on your sound without distractions.
The kicker, however, comes with its Qt-powered portability. Its sound engine is common to all platforms sounding exactly the same whether you use it on VST, iOS or Android. With the cloud preset sync technology, DRC lets you sync patches across devices with ease. This way, you can start your creative process on one device and continue on another, seamlessly. Compose once, play everywhere - with Qt!


Imaginando is a tech startup with a strong foundation on arts and engineering. Their mission is to combine music and technology to create inspiring musical experiences.

Creativity is their obsession - since 2014 it has been the driving force behind everything that they do. Both inquisitive and experimental, their dynamic and pragmatic approach to the development of all our projects, provides an exciting, challenging and ultimately rewarding journey that we love.


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