Built with Qt

Merlincryption Chose Qt to Move from a Software-Based Solution Written in C# to a More Secure Hardware-Based Application Written in C++.

Why Qt

The newly architected virtual keyboard and all the other interfaces users interact with when plugging in the MerlinSafe USB have been developed using Qt’s extensive GUIs and API. Qt’s cross-platform capabilities ensure that the product works on different devices and that it can also be migrated to additional operating systems in a simple manner.

MerlinCryption’s developers were able to focus on their own key features thanks to the development time saved using Qt. The extensive and comprehensive GUI, combined with the short learning time –supported through rich documentation, in-depth training, and network assistance – allowed them to save over four weeks of development time and to reduce the time-to-market by two to three months.

Value throughout the whole software development lifecycle

“Qt’s functionalities have been valuable at every stage of MerlinSafe’s creation: during conceptualization, initial development, and in support of future development needs. Qt has proved to be the best option available – it is faster, 99.9% bug-free, easily portable to multiple operating systems and offers an excellent set of features. Amongst these, Qt’s ‘drag & drop’ feature significantly improves MerlinSafe’s user-friendly experience. There is no real competition for it.”


Brandon Brown, Chief Executive Officer, MerlinCryption

Next-generation security encryption technology

The MerlinCryption MerlinSafe™is a secure USB drive that enables access to password protected data storage areas in industries where security is critical, such as financial services, law, healthcare, military, enterprise and other special use environments. MerlinSafe is a forward-looking encryption solution featuring key-logger defeating authentication, up to three optional secure access zones with separate authentication, admin-only access, self-auditing logs, virus detection and device traceability.

Far beyond a general-purpose storage drive, MerlinSafe is a security product that has fundamentally disrupted the marketplace with breakthrough encryption, strong authentication, and hacking detection capabilities. Implementing an advanced virtual keyboard, the MerlinSafe USB card defeats key-loggers and heightens data security on the device thanks to additional password uniqueness properties and variable-length encryption keys that scale in size and are never present on the device. Keys are created, destroyed, and re-created on demand.
MerlinCryption’s USB hardware application offers a much higher level of security than comparable software solutions. The MerlinSafe data card plugs into any standard USB port of devices operating on Windows and Mac OS X.  In the future, it will also support Linux, and other operating systems too. 


MerlinCryption develops infrastructure security software that protects against current cyber threats. It delivers advanced encryption, authentication, and random data generators, for system environments, Cloud, VoIP, and IoT/M2M, as well as for USB and other digital storage media.

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