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The future of mobility is not what it used to be. It’s more exciting than ever, and RGNT Motorcycles invites you to be part of it. RGNT leads the way into an electric future of two-wheel mobility built with cutting-edge design, innovation, and sustainability.

Hand-built, without taking shortcuts or compromising on the good stuff, these electric motorcycles bring the elegant style of the 50s and best-in-class technology to the road. Premium components, groundbreaking tech, and hand-crafted details add up to an exclusive, state-of-the-art motorcycle.

The future is silent. And it looks damn good.

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Empowering automotive-grade HMI functionality on motorcycles

We are well accustomed to seeing rich in-car infotainment systems offering apps and widgets that help drivers monitor the vehicle status and the road situation. In comparison, it is quite surprising that the digitalization of the motorcycle cluster is, by and large, so far behind in terms of functionality and visuals. Motorcyclists are much more engaged and absorbed by the road than drivers can ever be and need a clear, steady, and timely understanding of the driving situation, without margin for distraction. The RGNT team takes this matter very seriously. Reliability, safety, and upkeeping are key drivers in the creation of their bikes.

RGNT chose Qt as it offers so many effective ready-made solutions for these purposes. In less than a year, a small team of developers was able to pick up Qt from scratch and to create and deploy an innovative HMI that has nothing to envy to more mature automotive digital dashboards. 

"The prototype cluster we created with our initial platform had performance issues that would have impacted the overall motorcycle's functionality. We examined several alternative UI frameworks to fix this, but only Qt met our demands in terms of out-of-the-box functionality, flexibility, and performance. And because Qt is cross-platform, we were able to re-use much of our original environment, just running it faster, enabling us to prototype, evaluate, and deliver quickly"

Kajsa Lampa, Lead Developer at RGNT Motorcycles


The possibility to use Qt to develop on a PC and to build and deploy to target hardware with just a few clicks makes the production process not only lean but even fun. Quick design changes could be implemented on the spot and, at every update, the team could see the UI running straight on the actual moto used for testing. This allowed the RGNT team not only to check design updates in real-time and on target but also to check that the whole UI functionality was preserved or improved. Only Qt offers such an agile development workflow. 
The RGNT motorcycles showcase a 7-inch display, powered by a capable microprocessing unit equipped with GPS and 4G connectivity to offer smart navigation, over-the-air updates, and complete control over the vehicle and the road. 

"RGNT motorcycles are created by experienced motorcycle enthusiasts to provide the best possible user experience. Our digital cluster combines advanced maps, navigation, and real-time road information systems. With Qt, we were able to build a UI that is way ahead of the competition!"

Gideon Schipaanboord, Head of Marketing at RGNT Motorcycles.

About RGNT Motorcycles

Founded in 2019 in Sweden, we aim high. Wildly ambitious, yet underpinned by a strong vision and in-depth knowhow, we plan to silence boulevards, backroads and beaches globally by quickly expanding in a fast-growing bike-tech market. In shaping our electric future, we honor the great design achievements of the past. Our passion for iconic motorcycle design drives us to put high-end, timeless quality left, right and center in all our designs. Simply look at our bikes to see what we mean. Bound to disrupt the motorcycle realm, our designs are high-quality, timeless and packed with game changing innovation. Our quickly expanding family of motorcycles currently consists of the Classic and the Scrambler

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