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ROI Estimator

Use this interactive tool, which is based on the Forrester Qt Total Economic Impact (TEI) study and ROI Estimator, to estimate what your return on investment will be by migrating to Qt for Device Creation.

Enter your data

Fill in the values below to estimate the economic impact that choosing Qt for Device Creation will have on your project.


Development approach to compare to Qt
Select the technology approach you are currently using or are considering to use to which you want to compare Qt. The selection you make impacts the default development and hardware cost savings values.

  • Native / Toolchain
  • HTML / Webapp

Number of developers
The number of developers you need for your embedded project(s) with your current/planned approach.


Volume of devices
The number of devices you are planning to sell annually.


Developer salary rate
Average annual fully-loaded salary rate.


Number of target operating systems
The number of native platforms you are targeting for your project(s) in consideration.


Development cost savings
Qt is platform agnostic, so you only need to support one codebase and it is also easy to move from one platform or OS to another. The development process is simpler with one integrated development environment with libraries of pre-made components.

Default value adjusted according to previous inputs


Hardware cost savings
Qt requires significantly less processing power and RAM. The impact of this benefit is much higher for companies moving from an HTML approach, but less for those already developing natively.

Default value adjusted according to previous inputs


Add the cost of your current hardware/SoC. The input value should be limited to the main components and not include screens or other device peripherals.


Quick Results

Based on your input variables, this is a high-level overview that estimates the expected economic impact of selecting Qt for your project. For a full analysis you can generate a detailed report.

Financial Summary (risk-adjusted estimates)
Cost savings accure in a number of different ways
  • Qt is platform agnostic and the same code base can be used across operating systems and hardware targets
  • Device creation process is simplified with one integrated environment
  • Libraries with ready-made components, which avoids the need to create components from scratch and/or replicate
  • Qt requires significantly less processing power and other associated hardware elements, resulting in hardware cost.
Return on
Net Present
Value - Money
Cash Flow Analysis (risk-adjusted estimates)

Generate your detailed ROI and savings analysis.

Get your report

Get the Full ROI Benefits Report

This report provides you with a full breakdown of benefits and cost savings you can realize with Qt. Share this URL with your colleagues!