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The Most Enjoyable Bus Company

Savonlinja is a bus company in southern Finland. With their industry at a turning point, they had to make big changes and replace old procedures with innovations to stay ahead of the competition.

Qt partner Loihde Factor helped Savonlinja to take the digital leap to completely renew their digital services and claim a pioneer position among their competitors. The result of this project was a complete rework of their web store's functionalities as well as mobile applications for drivers and passengers for iOS and Android, built with Qt.

"Qt had a major role in the Savonlinja project and its success."

- Kimmo Heikkilä, SVP, Marketing & Sales, Loihde Factor


  • Consistent user experience across platforms
  • Application simulations for devices take a lot of time
  • High customer expectations for UI


  • Cross-platform compatibility with one code base
  • On-device building and testing
  • Responsive and modern-looking Qt Quick Controls

Consistent User Experience Across Platforms

A consistent user experience regardless of the platform was critical for this project, both from a user interface and experience point of view. Qt's cross-platform technology made this a fast and easy task because all the major functions had to be designed and developed only once. 

 "Running and testing the application on a desktop without any simulators made developing faster. Once the feature implementation was done we could just build and test the feature on the target device"

"Qt saved us a lot of time and money. We published the application on Google Play and AppStore on schedule and without any problems"

Marko Kangas, Software Specialist, Loihde Factor

Fast Iterations, Great Performance

Loihde Factor also successfully integrated native libraries and used device-specific features with Qt.

Both Loihde Factor and Savonlinja were very happy with the application's performance with QML. Qt Quick Controls 2 provided all the needed touch UI controls for a modern UI. If there was anything missing or some customization needed, it was very fast to implement.

Qt features used
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Happy Travels. Positively Finnish.

Savonlinja Oy started a schedule-based service between Lappeenranta and Lauritsala with a brand-new T-Ford in 1924. Today Savonlinja is a family-owned company employing over 700 transport professionals. Savonlinja operates with over 500 buses, mainly in Eastern and South-Eastern Finland, the Helsinki metropolitan area and the Turku region. Each year the company carries approximately 15 million passengers, and the buses run more than 25 million kilometers.

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