Built with Qt

Using Qt, the Business Intelligence and Analytics Leader Has Changed the Way People Use Data.

Tableau - Business intelligence and analytics

Tableau - Business Intelligence and Analytics

Whether it’s structured or unstructured, petabytes or terabytes, millions or billions of rows, you can turn big data into big ideas. Tableau helps people unlock the value in today’s information flows, from clickstreams to sensor networks to infrastructure logs. With the mission “We help people see and understand their data”, Tableau is transforming the way people use data to solve problems by making databases and spreadsheets understandable for ordinary people and making analyzing data fast & easy and visualizing the data with beautiful interactive dashboards.

Their Goals

  • Single UI code base reaching all operating systems
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Reduce UI development time
  • Access to enterprise level support

Their Solutions & Results

  • Commitment to a cross-platform tech strategy with Qt
  • Maintenance cost reduces to less than what it was to support just one target platform
  • UI framework with responsive and branded user experience with native speed and performance
  • Future proofed strategy with Qt Commercial licensing.

"When we can write once and run everywhere we were able to cut down our maintenance costs to below of what we had for one platform in the past.

Adam Christian, Senior Software Engineer, Tableau

How Tableau Became the Leader in Analytics Platform Using Qt

You guessed it – their responsive and stunning user interfaces are “Built with Qt”.  The $3.5 Billion data empire quickly became and has stayed a leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for BI & Analytics platforms where they knocked the socks off giants such as SAP, IBM, and Oracle. Just like Qt, Tableau serves customers across all industries you can imagine and serves companies such as Wells Fargo, Dow Chemical, SpaceX and the Texas Rangers just to name a few.

Designed for the Individual, Scaled for the Enterprise

Tableau makes analyzing data fast, easy, beautiful and useful. No wonder it has gained a growing interest among the business users, but also groups traditionally not using Business Intelligence (BI) tools are taking it into use. 

Tableau is revolutionizing the way data is being used. To access and further analyze the data doesn’t anymore require IT department participating. The data is accessible to all levels of organizations and individuals. Democratizing data allows people to think and act quickly, bringing transparency and agility to fact-based decision making.

We purchased an enterprise contract with The Qt Company because Qt gives us the expressiveness and the speed of a native UI framework with a very low maintenance cost and a nice support network behind us...We believe Qt will further our mission of providing the best user experience.

Adam Christian, Senior Software Engineer, Tableau

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