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Atomic Puzzle
by NotskiGames

Built and monetized with Qt

A seamless and reliable development and advertising experience





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Unified platform for app development and digital advertising
Turn any mobile application or embedded screen into a revenue generator with the Qt Digital Advertising Platform. Qt Digital Advertising enables you to create a new revenue stream for your product by serving ads to your interactive UI application built on the platform of your choice - mobile, desktop, or embedded software screen. All in a scalable and flexible solution easy to deploy. 
Read more about how to get started with advertising and monetization through Qt's framework on this blog.

Galaxy-sized entertainment in a pocket-sized puzzle

NotskiGames is a Finnish mobile game studio specializing in multi-level puzzle and adventure games. They've been creating games since 2015 on the Qt Platform with great success (as proven by their 5-star rating on the app stores!) Satisfied customers of Qt for years, Notski were excited to try and roll out Qt's Digital Advertising Platform as their in-game ads solution.

Their latest game, Atomic Puzzle, utilises Qt's Digital Ads Platform, allowing the NotskiGames team to contain all their development and advertising efforts within one reliable platform. Atomic Puzzle is currently available on the App store for iOS and on Google Play for Android users. The team is also looking to release their games on Windows, so watch that space!

"After looking into our options, we decided to try Qt's Advertising Platform in order to find out what we could get out of the game."

Ari Salmi, Software Developer & Business Advisor, NotskiGames

Break the bank, not the game

When you have a small team that is willing to dedicate most of its awake time to creating striking graphics and challenging games, the last thing you need is difficult upkeep and integration between ad hosts and dev platforms as a distraction.

Whilst considering in-game advertising, the developers had three main criteria: 

  • Easy-to-integrate and update modules with CC++ and JNI
  • Low-maintenance upkeep
  • Reliable and safe at all times

Due to how much effort and love goes into their games, NotskiGames didn't want to have to worry about their games breaking or not functioning properly due to advertising efforts. The other options they tried out could not guarantee a high enough level of up-time, or an easy way to integrate and update modules. 

"With how easy Qt is to use, we could have a fully developed mobile game up and running within 24 hours, and wouldn't need to worry about a thing."

Ari Salmi, Software Developer & Business Consultant, NotskiGames

Fast and furious but reliable

As NotskiGames had been using Qt to develop their games for years, opting to use Qt's Digital Advertising Platform was the logical next step. What the team appreciated the most was the easy and centralized way of updating the different modules, instead of working on elements one by one. Moving to Qt's Ad solution also removed the high-maintenance aspect of trialling various advertising features, such as timers on ads.

With Qt, any updates to the mainframe automatically update the advertising solution too, without any extra steps. Qt's Advertising Specialists will do the heavy lifting on the setup and assist whenever and wherever needed - so that game developers, such as NotskiGames, can focus their brain power on what they enjoy the most: making you addicted to their puzzles and quests.

Client's main challenges

  • Third-party in-game advertising options difficult to integrate
  • Unreliable service level 
  • All options too high-maintenance for a small team  

The Qt Difference

  • The convenience of having the development and advertising within one platform 
  • Reliable and easy to use and update
  • High level of backend support from the Qt Team

About NotskiGames

NotskiGames is a Finnish mobile game studio comprised of 8 people from different backgrounds. They've been crafting challenging, yet addictive, pocket puzzle games since 2015. 

Currently, they have 3 very different mobile games available for download on both Google Play and Apple App Store. Check them out!


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