Axivion Suite:
Static Code Analysis & Architecture Verification

Through acquisition the Qt Group can now offer you industry-leading tools for the static analysis of your code. Axivion Suite is the combination of Axivion Static Code Analysis and Axivion Architecture Verification and will provide you with an industry-leading, in-depth analysis of your code. If you are interested in receiving more information or would like to discuss the possibility of an evaluation, please contact us.

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Static code analysis assures quality right from the start


Axivion Static Code Analysis

The static code analysis checks software projects for style and coding violations. Detecting clones, dead code, division by zero, and other defects in the code at an early stage reduces the time and costs involved in fixing these issues at a later stage. This tool supports a vast number of metrics and coding guidelines. Especially safety- and security-relevant aspects are covered and can be easily monitored. In addition, individual coding rules and guidelines as well as configuration options can be added, ensuring high-quality standards are maintained right from the start.

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Axivion Architecture Verification

Implementing architecture verification ensures that the system's structure remains clear and clean. To create the structural model of your software architecture, you can either set it up manually or import it from a UML model or from any other form of graph structure. Software architecture erosion and architecture debt are made transparent and can thus be effectively combated. Deviations are flagged to check if the code complies with the architecture, and further architecture erosion is stopped. Already existing architecture debt can be corrected via targeted refactoring measures which you can directly monitor in the results report of the architecture verification.

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Our versatile tools seamlessly integrate into your development environment

The Axivion Static Code Analysis and Axivion Architecture Verification seamlessly integrate into your existing development environment. The tools are highly customizable and adapt to your individual needs. Our experts will support the entire roll-out process to ensure you can enjoy the benefits right from the start.

 Increase of productivity
 Reduction of defects
 Reduction of code footprint
 Risk mitigation
 On-time delivery of feature releases
 Reduction of dependence on individuals
 Increase in customer satisfaction
 Investment protection

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Uncover software erosion in your project

Software erosion (also known as technical debt) describes the process through which maintainability, extensibility, and reusability of software are made more difficult - or even impossible - over time. A program code is continuously modified to enhance the software's functionality or adapt to new requirements. As complex software is typically developed by a team of people, their assumptions about parts of the code they are unfamiliar with might not match. This can result in one person making changes without being aware that these affect other parts of the code, which can violate architectural or functional constraints. Although this might not impair the function of the software, it introduces an additional burden on future tasks.

In terms of safety and security, software erosion can degrade the reliability of a system and compromise its functional safety. As a result, certification criteria (e.g. for ISO, DoD, MISRA) may not be met anymore, thus preventing successful certification in certain application domains.

Software architecture

+ verification
+ recovery and archeology
+ UML® tool integration
+ AUTOSAR arxml import

Freedom from interference

+ decomposition
+ segregation
+ safety architecture compliance

Safety and security

+ coding guidelines
+ runtime error detection


+ certified by SGS-TÜV Saar for ISO 26262, IEC 61508, IEC 62304, EN 50128, EN 50657
+ ISO 25119, DO-178B/C

Technical debt

+ clone detection and management
+ dead code and cycle detection
+ include profiler
+ metrics (including HIS)

Solution engineering

+ tool chain integration
+ CI/DevOps integration
+ IDE integration
+ seamless process integration
+ individual coding rules
+ coaching and training

How Axivion Suite stops software erosion




"The complexity of automotive embedded software is further increased by software components with different ASIL requirements. With the ISO 26262 certified Axivion Suite, Schaeffler Automotive Buehl maintains the high quality of its mixed ASIL systems. Automated architecture verification reduces manual testing work and therefore creates free capacities for new developments in electromobility."

Schaeffler Automotive Buehl GmbH & Co. KG

"We have evaluated several static analysis tools, and Axivion Suite clearly stood out in our tests. The tool performed best in terms of AUTOSAR C++14 coverage and convinced us through its ease of use, control flow, data analysis, and report generation. Axivion Suite has already become a mainstay component in our development workflow and a valuable component of our DevOps pipeline."


"Thanks to the support during implementation and the excellent support provided by the Professional Services Team, it proved possible to integrate Axivion Suite into our development environment quickly and easily. There are virtually no architecture violations now; instead, we have a higher standard of architecture compliant code – across all our development teams, worldwide."

Siemens Healthcare GmbH

"With Axivion Suite, we have significantly reduced our integration effort and integration risk."


"Axivion Suite helps us implement our architectural concepts flawlessly. The seamless integration into our UML tool chain went without a hitch and it has made our everyday work easier."

TRW Automotive GmbH

"The key factor for us is that the Axivion Suite has a high level of adaptability unsurpassed by any other tool suite. That is the only way we can continue meeting our own high-quality standards for our intelligent sensors in an increasingly digitalized industrial environment."

Leuze electronic GmbH & Co. KG

"The Axivion Suite is a real game changer. Thanks to continuous tests, the programmers go through a learning curve, which increases acceptance of the respective architectural requirements. This kind of software archaeology project clears the way for reaching Level 3 of the Automotive SPICE standard."

SynSpace Group GmbH

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Read the success stories

Customizable code analysis tools for meeting your industry's highest standards

Whether you are developing embedded software for small sensors or large machinery, aiming for improved usability, or want to meet industry standards: our quality assurance tools will help you achieve your goals faster, better, and with fewer resources. Supported by our experts, you can customize the tools to ensure you don’t have to make compromises and that your projects are a success.



New technologies, the highest demands on safety and security as well as more complex control units challenge the automotive industry. Customers have strict requirements for their software quality. These are implemented by monitoring compliance with coding guidelines such as MISRA or AUTOSAR C++14 or metrics such as HIS. And many have safety requirements in their projects according to ISO 26262 from QM to ASIL D. Axivion Suite is ideal to comply with all of these.

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Today, software is an integral part of medical devices. It must be ensured at all times that this software is both effective in terms of the required function and safe for patients and does not lead to unacceptable risks. The development of software for medical devices is faced with two fundamental tasks:

  • How can the complexity be kept to the necessary minimum and the software thus be kept maintainable, understandable, and expandable?
  • How can the functional safety of the medical device software be demonstrated?

Axivion Suite offers solutions for both issues. With the architecture analysis, you can ensure compliance with your software architecture and also define safety and security architectures, and monitor their compliance.

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Industrial automation

Automation is becoming increasingly networked and must solve ever more complex tasks. Complex control algorithms, fast and secure communication as well as variants must be implemented quickly and maintainability. Trends such as Industry 4.0 (RAMI 4.0) describe the path to networking at all levels. This trend is accelerated by the availability of 5G, the possibilities of AI, and the expectations of the interaction of a wide variety of components in a large Internet of Things (IoT). Requirements from safety standards such as IEC 61508 are fulfilled by Axivion Suite and confidence in the tests can be guaranteed at all times with the Axivion Tool Qualification Kit. Compliance with coding guidelines such as MISRA or AUTOSAR C++14 or metrics are also continuously monitored.

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Aerospace / Aviation

There are few other industries in which the expectations for safety and reliability are as high as in the aerospace industry. Therefore, even when implementing software, strict safety standards and protocols, such as DO-178C, are followed to ensure systematic, uniform, and correct implementation. Axivion Suite helps to maintain a high software quality by means of static code analysis and architecture verification which thus allows the secure maintainability, expandability, understandability, and readability of the software.

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