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Embedded systems manufacturers in more than 70 industries leverage Qt design, development, and testing tools to deliver industrial GUI software that meets the highest quality standards.

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30 Years of Production History

With its solid presence in all verticals, Qt technology has shaped the notion of digital experience across industries worldwide.

With 30 years of history in enabling OEMs to efficiently deliver intuitive, reliable, and effective UIs that delight users, Qt visual interfaces power billions of devices across the world—spanning from the automotive, aviation, and industrial automation sectors to medical and consumer electronics.


Billions of Devices in the Market

At home, Qt technology powers smart TVs, gaming consoles, home appliances, energy management systems, and more.

In your car, the infotainment system, digital cluster, heads-up display, and rear seat entertainment can all be powered by Qt.

At work, SCADA, business intelligence applications, simulation, and CAD systems can all be built on the Qt toolset.


All You Need, in One Package

Qt offers a unified framework for delivering a consistently branded user experience across different platforms. By coding once and deploying anywhere, you save time, ensure a consistent look-and-feel, and reduce dependency on hardware suppliers.

With its broad coverage of industry-grade use cases, Qt delivers out-of-the-box UI components and functionality for the creation of modern, fluid, and dynamic 2D and 3D UIs on any device.

An End-to-end Offer

  • Design
  • Development
  • Quality Assurance
  • Deployment

Embedded UI Design

Unleash your creativity with efficient UI creation tools streamlining your workflow and reducing your time to market.

Automatic Code Generation

Enjoy an intuitive visual development environment delivering functional UI applications and automatically generated QML code

Simulation and Prototyping

Efficiently craft your app’s UX on PC with advanced simulation tools relieving you from hardware dependency

Design Bridges

Import ready-made visual assets from Figma and other design tools, and convert them automatically into functional UI code

Effects Library

Leverage a wide collection of out-of-the-box UI assets and visual effects that can be easily customized according to your brand’s look-and-feel

Real-time Rendering

Harness the power of real-time graphics to display real-life situations and data-driven processes

2D & 3D Graphics Capabilities

Create immersive 3D experiences and seamlessly control them via intuitive 2D controls

Embedded System Programming

Leverage over 30 years of enterprise-grade experience in delivering comprehensive tools for the demands of tomorrow’s industry.

UI Framework

Unlock the potential of a full-fledged UI framework that can bolster your development at scale—from widgets and app creation up to middleware definition

UI Definition via QML

Quickly develop UI applications with an intuitive, expressive, and flexible UI definition language that is easy to use even for non-programmers


Efficiently create smart IoT devices and dynamic SCADA systems with out-of-the-box networking, m2m, and cloud support

Optimal Performance

Unlock your hardware’s full potential using in-built software optimization tools, such as memory management, multithreading, and hardware acceleration, among others

Scalable Code

Elevate your code quality by creating highly optimized templates that can easily be customized and tweaked for a variety of use cases

Functional Safety

Ensure prompt and correct display of safety-critical information under any circumstances—including system failure

Embedded Software Quality Assurance

Deliver best-in-class industrial software that can be operated in safety and security across verticals, with integrated automated QA tools that speak the same language.

GUI Testing

Secure an optimal user experience on any screen by harnessing truly cross-platform automated GUI testing tools


Coverage Testing

Leave no code untested, no bug undetected, no compromise for mistake

Static Code Analysis

Reduce technical debt and ensure your software’s adherence to the latest quality standards and coding guidelines

Architecture Verification

Check architecture compliance and code erosion to ensure your software’s maintainability and reusability

Embedded Device Deployment

Deliver iconic digital experiences to an ever-growing customer base—across platforms, industries, markets.

Hardware Scalability

Target multiple hardware platforms—both low- and high-end devices, including mobile and desktop—using a single codebase with Qt Platform Abstraction Layer

Support for Low-level Drivers

Leverage a broad set of APIs and tools for interacting with hardware peripherals and sensors—or access ad-hoc features via C++

Native Performance

Leverage platform-specific features, performance, and capabilities through integration with native APIs or third-party libraries


Scale across markets and regions with advanced localization tools—including right-to-left, bidirectional scripts, complex diacritics, scriptio continua, etc

Market Permanence

Secure your product’s permanence on the market over time with Qt long-term support, security updates, patches, and a stable roadmap

Built with Qt

Fresenius Kabi

Built with Qt

Qt provides Fresenius Kabi with efficient tooling not only for designing and implementing effective medical devices but also for the extensive, automated testing needed to define new industry standards.

"The ability to concentrate our effort on application development, rather than on the intricacies of the application event-loop development has greatly sped up development."

Stephen Anthony

Senior Director of Software Engineering, Fresenius Kabi

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Built with Qt

The convergence between brand style and graphics is a fundamental element for the success of such a prestigious motorcycle, leaving no margin for compromises.

“The market requires modern, rich, and sophisticated graphics, with dynamic visuals that adapt to world events. We needed to achieve smartphone-like performance, but without the corresponding gigahertz clock capabilities.”

Claudio Mariani

Instrument Cluster & Connectivity Supervisor at Ducati Motor Holding S.p.A.

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Gruppo Cimbali

Built with Qt

Gruppo Cimbali has a long history of working with Qt, dating back to 2010. In 2022, they decided to enter the commercial program to take advantage of the full professional offer of Qt products and libraries.  Learn what competitive advantages Qt delivered to them.

“We are quite excited about the new opportunities offered by accessing the full Qt commercial offering. We see a huge potential in the availability of integrated QA and testing tools.”

Dario Costa

Digital Touchpoints System Manager, Gruppo Cimbali

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Panasonic Avionics

Built with Qt

By using Qt (with C++ and QML), the developers at Panasonic Avionics are able to focus on the design and the usability of the interactive.

“We use Qt in a lot of different development aspects. For example, we use it for creating a certification application that's actually used to certify all the wiring of the aircraft before deployment. We also offer a wide range of different form factors... We want to be able to develop once and show it on everything.'”

Gary Towsend

Software Manager, Panasonic Avionics

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With its extensive libraries, state-of-the-art graphics capabilities, and automatic testing tools, Qt secures the efficient delivery of industry-grade software across vertical for succeeding in the highly competitive modern market.