Introducing Test Center 3.3: Printable Reports, Enhanced Traceability, and Result Upload API for Streamlined Testing

Test Center 3.3 is finally here and the team is thrilled to share with you the three major improvements that come with this release. One of the most exciting features is the introduction of printable reports that supports PDF report generation and test result archiving to comply with various regulations. In addition, there are quality of life improvements for traceability, and the release also includes the publication of the Result Upload API documentation.

Feature Overview

Two of the new features are highlighted in this feature overview video, read on for further information. 

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Printable Reports 

With Test Center 3.3 we are introducing a new report type that is optimized for printing and archiving of test results. Existing Test Center result views are primarily optimized to analyze specific parts of your test results and to highlight the most important test failures. The printable report is optimized to give a complete overview of all tests that have been executed, so that you can document and archive which tests have been executed for each of the releases of your software.

Since the new report is optimized for printing you can also use it to generate PDF reports. 


The printable report is divided into several sections that can be enabled or disabled depending on your reporting needs. The level of detail increases with every section down the report. The top of the report shows the total number of executed tests and test suites including the number of failures. The second section contains a summary of all the configurations that have been tested, which is then followed by a summarized result for each test suite that has been executed. The last section contains a detailed list of all test cases and their results from all test suites and all configurations those test suites have been executed on. 

You can learn more about the printable reports here. 

Traceability Improvements 

We worked on multiple improvements for our 3rd party integrations. We improved the performance of the traceability view, it should load faster and filtering large amounts of tests or requirements should also be more snappy now. Additionally we introduced pagination to the traceability view, so even when you are dealing with a big amount of tests from the 3rd party system, the traceability view will remain responsive.  

Additionally this release contains some  improvements that are specific to our Polarion ALM integration. We improved the speed of the result transfer to Polarion and added the option to push into existing Polarion test runs, and limit the pushed results to tests that were previously selected for these test runs. This will give you a lot more control over which test results will get transferred to Polarion. 

Visit the documentation for more information about the added result transfer options. 

Result Upload API 

For this release we decided to publish our Result Upload API. The Result Upload API is for uploading result files, and compliments our Result Reporting API. While the Result Reporting API is for continuous reporting of results, going all the way down to the event level if needed, the Result Upload API is for uploading finished result files at the end of test runs. 

If none of the tools we provide for uploading results suite your requirements, you can now use the Result Upload API to write custom upload scripts using curl or the scripting language of your choice. 

More information about the Result Upload API can be found in our documentation. 

Release Notes 

Check out our Release Notes for a comprehensive list of improvements and fixes. 

Learn more about Test Center

If you would like to learn more about Test Center and explore its full potential, we highly recommend checking out the video below.

Not only does it provide a comprehensive overview of Test Center's capabilities, features, and integrations, but it also offers valuable insights on how to boost your testing efforts.

By watching the video, you'll gain a deeper understanding of how Test Center can streamline your testing processes, improve traceability, and enhance the overall quality of your software. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced user, this video is packed with tips and tricks that will help you make the most out of Test Center.

HubSpot Video

So, don't miss out on this valuable resource and take your testing to the next level with Test Center!

Download and Evaluation 

Customers and evaluators can find Test Center 3.3 packages in the Qt Customer Portal. If you have yet to try Test Center, request your free trial here.