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Crypto never sleeps – how are you maximizing your profits?

In an ever-digitalizing world, it's becoming not only more challenging, but increasingly more expensive to stay on top of trends – especially in the field of investment and exchange. With trading now taking place almost around the clock, how can you ensure the maximization of profits without staying glued to your screen 24/7 out of FOMO? 

Enter Volven, a Norwegian high-performance crypto trading platform. Coming from the world of traditional finance, Volven's team have experienced and gathered extensive knowledge of advanced trading systems and algorithms, and created something more accessible and unique. Having quickly realized that the future of exchange will inevitably revolve around cryptocurrencies, the team set out to develop the highest-performing trading terminal ever built. The platform would allow its users to participate in the exciting world of crypto trading without losing any sleep – or their hard-earned currency. 

Yes, that is right – Volven's trading app offers a completely free entry-level package for its users, making it arguably one of the most accessible crypto trading platforms in the world. The company's motto, Passion for trading, was set to involve everyone, not just the financial elite. Wanting to level the playing field between professional and non-professional traders, Volven decided early on to provide everyone with an equal opportunity to trade and make money. 

At the core of Volven's platform is algorithmic trading, which is hard at work even during the wee hours of the night – because, as mentioned, crypto never sleeps. The platform provides its users with low-latency infrastructure ensuring that their algorithms can precision-trade in real time. In simple terms, this means determining the most optimal execution of a trade, and reducing trading commission by up to 50%. 

Volven's platform is available as a desktop and mobile application. 

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Our aim is to build the most high-performing trading platform ever built, and we truly believe we can achieve this with a Qt frontend.


Jan Rasmus Platou
COO Volven

Powerful performance, simple to use

Volven's crypto trading terminal is connected to a variety of different centralised crypto exchanges, such as Coinbase & Binance. The users can link their exchange accounts in the Volven app to access their funds on the exchange, and trade using Volven's algorithms from either desktop or mobile. 

Whilst Volven's high-performance & hard-at-work algorithms power the experience, the platform was developed on the Qt framework. As the technology is user-driven, providing an experience that is simultaneously user-friendly and complex enough for professional traders was a key consideration for Volven. Given the complexity and sheer volume of crypto trading, Volven's platform needed to be able to perform and keep up with regular updates. It needed to be able to execute graphical real-time visualisations whilst delivering on speed and performance – both of which are key components of the Qt framework.

Creating a user interface that would simplify the complexity of the backend was another major consideration during the development process. Using algorithms for trading may sound difficult, but Volven's dedication to keeping the process as straightforward as possible was rewarded with the beautiful graphical interfaces offered by Qt. You could say it's the best of both worlds!

As a matter of fact, Qt was Volven's first chosen approach to creating their platform, and it has been a great match from the get-go. Being able to directly interact with design applications, such as Figma, is a big plus for creating stunning visuals, and the continuous development of the framework means that elements aren't neglected or outdated, which for a hyper-modern and progressive initiative, such as Volven, is an absolute must. 

Watch this space for updates on Volven's full product launch in early 2023.

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Contracting Qt Professional Services has been very beneficial to Volven, especially in the early stages of the project, where they needed to build a strong foundation and architecture for their high-performance application. Together with Qt Professional Services, Volven has been through the full cycle of gathering business requirements, creating the designs, setting up the architecture, developing the application, and hiring their in-house talent.

The services provided have been of the highest quality, and Volven would highly recommend Qt Professional Services to others who are considering the Qt framework & tools.

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Volven has developed a trading platform with sophisticated algorithms specially designed for the crypto market. The company's goal is to level the playing field between professional and non-professional traders. We offer both a free entry-level package, and a subscription model for active users.

Their easy-to-use mobile application and customizable desktop software offer one-click execution, changing how people trade.

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